Launch of Globien V0.8

Full functioned, you can use it now!

Posted by Henri Jambo on December 8, 2020

Launch Information



Key Feature:This is the first ever version that full functioned and you can use it in most scenarios.

Media Launch (in Chinese)

Why Globien?

Globien is a constructed international language which is both easier for westners and eastners, especially people speaking Chinese. This is different from Esperanto which ingored the eastners at the design from the very beginning.

  • Both English/French or other Romance language and Chinese word parts included.

  • Greatest-common-factor phonemes selected from both languages.

  • Six fixed-order words to constructed all tenses and aspects.


  • Phonetics: 99%
  • Grammer: 95%
  • Vocabulary: 80% (compound words will be added with ongoing effort)

Key Differences Between V0.8 and V0.6

There are many significant changes from V0.6 to V0.8. The most important progress is that the construction of major vocalbulary is finished.

Others including :

  • Removed double-letter consonant ‘gh’ and vowal ‘em’
  • Note ‘y’ as ‘i’, ‘w’ as ‘u’ when they are come fro Chinese source
  • Verb tail is changed from -t to -z.
  • Some grammer assistant words are added or modified.