What's the phrase for "novel coronavirus" in Globien?

Let's build the words together.

Posted by Henri Jambo on September 10, 2020

What is the expression for “novel coronavirus” in Globien?

To build a Globien word, we use the “English/French Word + Chinese Pinyin” form. Let’s have a look:

  • new/novel:new + xin = nine (-e indicates an adjective word)
  • crown/corona:corona + guan = koronuan (c changed to k according to the pronunciation)
  • virus:virus + du = viru

Let’s connect them, and get the phrase in Globien:

nine koronuan viru

Quite simple, right? Though the words have been changed in some way, they’re still very easy to be recognized by an Indo-European language speaker, especially an English speaker.

The changed part, word rhyme, is helpful for Chinese speakers. It’s still a little bit hard for Chinese though. To help more, Globien has another style for biginners from Chinese speakers:

ninxe koronuang virud

The superscript is not a portion of a word. It’s just a hint. An Indo-European speaker call always ignore them safely.

By the way, the expression for “pandemic” is: gronde infekanze malindeo. It’s a little bit long, but as an IAL and for the sake of simpleness, Globien won’t build too many words as that in English. Also, an Indo-European speaker can easily recognize this phrase.